kmillenRegular readers know that I rarely travel to Georgetown.  Something about the crowds of Ugg wearing sorority girls crowding the streets in their morning-after Juicy Couture sweatsuits that keeps me away.  But last week, I ventured down Wisconsin way to attend the District Sample Sale after party and happened to stop by the Karen Millen store (1259 Wisconsin Ave NW).

I had been directed to the location by a coworker who had the most adorable black and white print dress.  And since they’re having a lovely mid-season sale, I thought I would check it out.

British designer Karen Millen is well known throughout Europe and North Africa for her gorgeous designs.  Vibrantly colored and delicately structured her pieces are sure to become wardrobe favorites.  I especially love the way she incorporates trends like patent leather, ruffles and military details in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Karen Millen’s ladylike, structured styles are right up my alley.  Her designs, seen on celebrity Eva Longoria, are the perfect mix of youthful exuberance and professional chic.

As for the price point, Millen’s designs run in a Hill Staffer suitable price range $100-$350.  And the items included in her mid-season sale are very friendly to your closet and your wallet.

With her mix of vibrant colors, modern styles and feminine silhouettes, Karen Millen is sure to become one of my favorite designers.  So if you do brave the cobblestone gauntlet to head to Georgetown, don’t forget to stop into the Karen Millen boutique to visit Yasmina and her helpful staff.  Certainly, such gorgeous garments are worth the cab fare.

P.S. How cute are these shoes?