While Michelle Obama has been keeping it casual here in the States, a fashion battle royale has been going on across the pond between French first lady Carla Bruni and HRH Princess Letizia of Spain.  And to everyone’s surprise, the Princess is kicking the former model’s toned derriere back across the Pyrenees.

When traveling abroad, Ms. Bruni usually dresses to match the style and tenor of the hostess.  When she was in Mexico, she wore a skirt suit because the Prime Minister’s wife Margarita Zavala favors them.  On her trip to the U.S., she favored a duster because Michelle Obama loves coats.  Hell, she even dressed to compliment Queen Elizabeth’s style. So it was no surprise when Ms. Bruni chose a demure long sleeve dress to meet the always professional and prim, Letizia.

dresses1While Carla’s dress is lovely, I just adore the raspberry bandage dress on the Princess.  Definitely, point Spain.  However, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was a draw, both ladies are amazingly, enviably fit.

ball-carla-letizia_1392763i1I love the soft silver color of Letizia’s gown and the jeweled train.  Plus, can you really compete with a Princess wearing a tiara?  No, you can’t.  Particularly, when said tiara is made of platinum and diamonds and has been passed down through generations of royals since Kaiser Wilhelm in 1913. I repeat, you can’t beat that.

Though, I think I’m giving a point to France on this one.  Because while some of you may see a plain black evening gown, I see an elegantly draped, perfectly tailored, opened back creation that could be worn by anyone.  I also love her hair that way.  Very Audrey Hepburn.

Sadly, the First Lady and the Princess will not be making any more appearances together.  Until next time, this fashion duel is a draw…